Every recipe on this site has been tasted by 40-100 people so I know they are keepers!

The following are PDF versions of all the recipes I’ve blogged about. They are double-sided, although all the pertinent information is on the inside page, so if you are printing from home you can choose to only print the second page. Recipes are listed by category: Appetizers/Snacks/Beverages/Side Dishes; Salads; Soups/Stews; Entrees; Desserts; and Holiday Dishes.

Almost every recipe listed is gluten-free (GF) or it has a gluten-free option listed in the recipe. Recipes that have no GF option are indicated next to the recipe name.




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15 thoughts on “Recipes/Resources

  1. Hi, i shop at the Cordata store and I am mad for your Brown Butter Almond Chocolate Torte GF. I asked for the recipe a few weeks ago, but have not heard back. Would you please post it here, or send me a copy. I am trying to go GF and want to cook at home. This is really a great recipe. I am also interested in the base for your fab Chipmunk and Squirrel bars. I have never worked w/brown rice syrup. Send me that recipe too. : )

    • Hi Marina – I’ll see what I can do! Here is the recipe for the Squirrel Bars from our website, and I’ll see about getting you the Brown Butter Almond Torte recipe. One thing regarding that recipe – the batch size might be pretty large so the hang-up might be that they need to scale it down for home preparation (that and the Bakery manager has been in Thailand!). The Hank-O-Rama bars are also Gluten-Free, and you can find that recipe on our website as well! The Bakery has also created a GF vegan chocolate cake mix – I’ll be doing a bonus demo tomorrow (Thursday) from about 1:30 – until “supplies last” at Cordata so everyone can try it out! ~Melissa

  2. I was visiting a friend in Bellingham and had lunch at your wonderful deli. The Moroccan Yam Peanut Soup was so flavorful. would you share that recipe?

    • Hi Glendee,

      I have emailed the recipe to the email address attached to your comment – let me know how it goes for you, or if you don’t receive it for some reason!


  3. Hi Melissa! I am home for the holidays and I want to make the Spinach Rotollo from the deli as an appetizer at Thanksgiving dinner. Can I please have the recipe? Thanks!

  4. 3/28/12
    Today I bought a clice of your turkey meatloaf. It was yummy even cold!
    Can I get the recipe?
    Angie C.

  5. Hi Melissa, I’ve been dropping by the store twice a week since I found out about it. I just love every bits of it! I was wondering if you had the recipe for Black Eyed Susan peanut butter cookies. I just love those cookies and I want to make batches of them for our bake sale that we have at our school for fundraiser. I looked everywhere on the Co-op website but there isn’t a recipe available for them… Could you please share the recipe with me? I would really appreciate it! Thank you! -Jenny

    • Hi Jenny – you can find a super similar recipe on the blog (search for “Any Butter Cookies”) – the only difference is the baking powder and adding a chocolate disc to the center before cooking. I will also send you the one that we use in the Bakery for Black Eyed Susans. I’ll note that the recipe will probably be commercial size, but that might work out well if you are making them for a bake sale! ~ Melissa

    • Hi again Jenny,

      Here is the recipe for our Black Eyed Susan cookies.

      6 eggs
      6 c peanut butter
      5.5 c sugar

      Beat eggs in a large bowl. Add PB and sugar and mix well. Scoop by heaping T onto parchment lined pans and press a chocolate disc into the center. Bake at 300° for about 10 minutes.

      This will make a large batch, so it should be good for the bake sale. It can also easily be cut into thirds, just use 2 eggs, 2 c pb, and about 1 2/3 – 1 ¾ c sugar. I believe that we use the Corderilla chocolate discs that are on top of the bakery case at Cordata (I think they are on the corner bakery shelf with the bulk Guittard chocolate at the Downtown store), or you can use Chocolate Necessities ones that are in the baking aisle and they also sell them out of their store on Meridian. Let me know if you have any questions, and happy baking!


  6. I wrote to get the recipe for the glutenfree razzle dazzle rasberry bars but have not heard back any chance getting the recipe Marge

    • Hi Marge – I’ll ask our Bakery for a copy of the recipe and I’ll send it along to you in the next couple days. I’ll caution you that the recipes that we use in the store that aren’t on our website (like this one) are commercial sized, but the bakery manager said you could successfully divide this one to make a more manageable batch!

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