International Year of Cooperatives Video Premier

This last Saturday was the premier of the video series starring Kevin Gillespie from Top Chef, produced by the National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA) for the International Year of Cooperatives.  As you may know from earlier posts, our co-op was one of eight in the nation picked to be featured in the series.  Our videos don’t start premiering until February 20th, but the first three were released on January 21st, and if you look closely you’ll notice some familiar faces and surroundings in the intro to each video!

You can watch the videos on YouTube or at Stronger Together.  The first video, “A Community of Shared Values”, was shot in Minneapolis/St. Paul, and focuses on Seward Co-op and how they work closely with their community and their hands-on approach to the products they carry and the programs they run.  The second video is “Grow Where You’re Planted” and highlights Gardens of Eagen (an organic farm in Minnesota owned by the Wedge Natural Foods Co-op) and Valley Natural Foods Co-op who run a community garden in front of their store.  The third video is titled “Celebrity Farmers” and focuses on Just Food Co-op and all the local products they carry and L&R Produce, a local (Minnesota) producer of produce, poultry and maple syrup and their relationship with their local co-ops.

On February 20th the first of our Co-op’s videos will premier, with the focus on the Co-op’s relationship with Misty Meadows Farm in Everson and their free-range organic eggs.  On March 5th, the video about our relationship with  Heritage Lane Farm  in Lynden premiers, which raises rare breed livestock and heirloom vegetables.  March 19th is the last of our premiers, with the focus being on the Co-op’s involvement with Bellingham Urban Gardeners (BUGS) – I’ll note that our Co-op Cooperator of the Year for 2011 is Co-op staffer and Board member Beau Hilty-Jones (see this month’s Co-op newsletter), who started the Farm Implement Co-op that is part of BUGS.

We hope that the video series will show everyone how co-ops really do make their communities stronger, wherever you live.  For more information on cooperatives and how they can transform your community, visit Stronger Together or the International Cooperative Alliance.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll have a new recipe available next week!


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