June Meal of the Month – Summertime Pasta

Our June Meal of the Month, Summer-time Pasta, was submitted by Member Affairs Committee member Liz Evans.  It is a very simple dish that has a lot of options depending on your family’s preferences.  I won’t be demoing the recipe this month because I will be at our Board of Director’s Spring Retreat tomorrow, but I wanted to be sure to share the recipe!  It will also be available in both stores next week.

You can prepare this recipe gluten-free for almost the same price as regular pasta.


Summer-Time Pasta

1lb of your favorite pasta like angel hair or fettuccine

4 Roma tomatoes

handful of fresh basil

Olive oil to taste

1 ounce pine nuts, toasted

2 cloves minced garlic

3 ounces grated Parmesan


Boil enough water in a large pot to cook pasta.  While waiting for the water to boil, chop tomatoes to a half-inch, dice and mince garlic.

Cook pasta al dente.  Drain.  Return pasta to same pot and add chopped tomatoes, garlic and chopped basil.  Toss with olive oil and top with pine nuts and cheese.  Make sure to chop basil at the very last so that it will not turn black.

Optional Items (may bring cost over $10):

Italian sausage or turkey sausage

Garlic bread

Salad w/fresh seasonal greens

Fresh mozzarella as a Parmesan substitute

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