4H Super Saturday Cooking Class

Last Saturday was a whirlwind!

I was asked to teach a cooking class for the 29th 4H Super Saturday, held at Meridian High School.  For those of you that don’t know, 4H Super Saturday is an annual event organized by the Washington State University Extension office in beautiful Bellingham.  4H is a youth development program run by WSU in partnership with the US Department of Agriculture and our local government.  It is a program open to everyone, and is the largest youth organization in the nation.

I decided early on that granola bars would be a great recipe to share with the kids.  I make them all the time, and thought that they would be fun to make.  My mom taught home ec for Bellingham Public Schools so I knew that I would have a great resource since I have no experience teaching anything to anyone (at least in a classroom setting).  She gave me some fantastic pointers that made things so much easier for a novice!

Saturday was a beautiful day, and I wasn’t nervous until I got up that morning.  All week long I reminded myself to not forget to bring the eggs that the recipe requires, and you guessed it, I forgot the eggs.  Thank goodness that Meridian High School is only 5 miles from the Cordata Co-op, so I was able to scoot back to the store and grab them.  My friend Janae was volunteering that day in the class with me, so she held down the fort as the kids arrived for the class (she is a teacher as well – that’s right,  I know who to gladly accept help from!).  We had fourteen kids in the class – 12 girls and 2 boys.  The average age was about 10 years old, and they were hungry and eager to start cooking!  I had brought my camera, but in the hustle and bustle of getting everyone settled, I totally forgot to get it out for Janae to use.  I’ll just tell you that all the kids were super cute and proud of their accomplishments of the day!

They loved the recipe, and seemed like they had great fun measuring all the ingredients (note to self – don’t use sticky ingredients around a room of energetic kids, as honey gets EVERYWHERE!).  We  only had an hour for me to explain how to make them (I prepared a quickie batch at the beginning to show them what the steps would look like) and for them to actually prepare the recipe and get them cooked.  Wonders never cease, and we actually had all of them done on time!  Only two didn’t turn out perfectly, which I would say is pretty amazing for setting a bunch of kids loose on over a dozen ingredients and asking them to create an edible product!  I think they were thrilled that they were able to spend an hour creating their own snack, that they then got to take home and share with their family.  I could see it on their faces and in their thank-yous on the way out at the end of class.

I had so much fun that I hope to do this again for the 30th annual Super Saturday.

1 thought on “4H Super Saturday Cooking Class

  1. Hey Melis,

    Your recipe has a lots of sticky and truly nummy ingredients, with a bonus of lots of fun things to measure. Perfect kid fun. If any of my old students saw this they would be jealous.

    Too bad about the pics, can I be there next year as your camera person? Please?

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